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Relocation Services

Buy. Sell. Pack. Move. We can help.

Moving is a big job! It requires cleaning, purging, packing, and hauling furniture and other precious items from one location to another. It might require minor to major repairs before a home can be listed for sale. Whatever it takes, we can help. Our team is prepared to help you buy and sell, liquidate through an estate- or downsizing-sale, and/or connect you to a wide range of services, including those of a handyman, professional organizer, or jewelry appraiser.

Real Estate Transactions

Enlist the help of a Certified Senior Residential Specialist when it’s time to downsize.

Home Packing / Unpacking

Let professionals who specialize in helping seniors to downsize pack things up and then unpack at the new home, putting things back just the way the client likes it.

Estate Sales

Take advantage of a proven process designed to sell as many items as possible, at the maximum sale price.


Handyman Services

Receive help getting the old home ready for sale and keeping up with routine home maintenance and improvement tasks at the new home.


Have someone to call to take unwanted items to your preferred charity and/or local landfill.

Fine Jewelry Purchasing

Sell a few items or an entire collection of jewelry, diamonds, watches and/or coins to the area’s most trusted fine jewelry buyers.